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Summer School

Identity and Interdisciplinarity in Games and Play Research

The first interdisciplinary European summer school in game and play research will take place 16-31 August 2014 at Utrecht University in The Netherlands. It is is aimed at talented PhD and MA/MSc students who are interested in the study of games and play. It offers students an innovative interdisciplinary platform for learning about games and play that doesn’t exist anywhere else in Europe or beyond.

This ERASMUS IP Summer School is hosted by Utrecht University, but organized by different European universities that are considered as leaders in the field. It will consist of a two-week intensive programme during which students are encouraged to develop their research ideas further. It will provide a unique opportunity to learn about cutting-edge  theories and methodologies from leading scholars in the field.  Students will have the rare opportunity to broaden their horizon internationally, and to gain knowledge about games and play from an interdisciplinary perspective.

The target group consists of excellent PhD and MA/MSc students who are starting or working on thesis projects in games and play from a background in the humanities, design research, social sciences, computer sciences or other related domains. Around 60 students from 17 different participating European institutions of higher education will be selected and are offered an exceptional chance to look beyond the borders of their home institutions in order to gain knowledge about the full scope of European scholarship on games and play. The participating students, share the ability to broaden their scope of knowledge and go beyond the boundaries of their fields.

During this summer school we will stimulate students to develop an interdisciplinary understanding of games and play as cultural phenomena, thus teaching them the means to develop an informed methodological and theoretical framework for their research. Activities such as reading, writing, discussing, lecturing, presenting, excursions, and interdisciplinary workshops will serve this purpose. The main expected outputs will consists of papers (proceedings), poster presentations, public online discussion (web forum, social media) and designed games and/or playful objects as output of practice-based research during workshops.

Travel and sustenance costs for selected students from participating universities will be covered by the ERASMUS IP. More information about the Summer School, and how to apply for participation will follow later on www.gapsummerschool2014.nl

Organizational team

Joost Raessens - Utrecht University, The Netherlands (j.raessens@uu.nl)
René Glas – Utrecht University, The Netherlands (r.glas@uu.nl)
Sybille Lammes – University of Warwick, United Kingdom (s.lammes@warwick.ac.uk)
Frans Mäyrä – University of Tampere, Finland (frans.mayra@uta.fi)
Mathias Fuchs – Leuphana University, Germany (mathias.fuchs@inkubator.leuphana.de)
Ben Schouten - Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands (bschouten@tue.nl)

Participating Universities

Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands (contact: Ben Schouten)
Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands (contact: Jeroen Jansz)
Ghent University, Belgium (contact: Jan van Looy
IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark (contact: Miguel Sicart)
Leuphana University, Germany (contact: Mathias Fuchs)
Malmö University, Sweden (contact: Simon Niedenthal)
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands (contact: Frank Nack)
University of Brighton, United Kingdom (contact: Helen Kennedy)
University of Gothenburg, Sweden (contact: Staffan Bjork/Jonas Linderoth)
University of Malta, Malta (contact: Gordon Calleja)
University of Münster, Germany (contact: Thorsten Quandt)
University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom (contact: Mark Eyles)
University of Stockholm, Sweden (contact: Annika Waern)
University of Tampere, Finland (contact: Frans Mäyrä)
University of the West of England, United Kingdom (contact: Jonathan Dovey)
University of Warwick, United Kingdom (contact: Sybille Lammes)
Utrecht University, The Netherlands (contact: Joost Raessens/René Glas)

Utrecht Summer School

This Summer School will be organised in close collaboration with the Utrecht Summer School 2014, for more information see: www.utrechtsummerschool.nl