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November 21, 2011

Think Design Play: DiGRA 2011 Conference papers online

The digital conference proceedings of the Think Design Play: DiGRA 2011 Conference, held recently in Hilversum here in The Netherlands, are now online. We were fortunate that many papers of our team, our affiliated researchers and (former) students were accepted. Here's an overview:

Lammes, Sybille - "The map as playground: Locationbased games as cartographical practices" (INFO/Full Text)

Glas, René - "Breaking Reality: Exploring Pervasive Cheating in Foursquare" (INFO/Full Text)

Rao, Valentina - "How to Say Things with Actions I: a Theory of Discourse for Video Games for Change" (INFO/Full Text)

van Meurs, Richard - "And Then You Wait: The Issue of Dead Time in Social Network Games" (INFO/Full Text)

van Zwieten, Martijn - "Danger Close: Contesting Ideologies and Contemporary Military Conflict in First Person Shooters" (INFO/Full Text)

Nieborg, David - "The winner takes all: Standardization and console games" (INFO/Full Text)

van Roessel, Lies, with Jeroen van Mastrigt - "Collaboration and Team Composition in Applied Game Creation Processes" (INFO/Full Text)

Jacobs, Melinda, with Tanja Sihvonen - "In Perpetual Beta? On the Participatory Design of Facebook Games" (INFO/Full Text)

November 11, 2011

Towards an International Master Degree Game Studies

The Executive Board (College van Bestuur) of Utrecht University has awarded the Faculty of Humanities a subsidy (30.000 euro) to develop an International Master Degree Game Studies. In the academic year 2011-2012 we will organize expert meetings with game research groups of the IT University of Copenhagen (Msc in IT: Games), the University of Potsdam (Digital Games Research Center), the University of West of England (Play Research Group), and the University of Tampere (Game Research Lab).

For more information, contact Joost Raessens (J.Raessens(at)uu.nl).